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(For instance, the numerical value of your name number, 21, is three.) Only if your name number is 11 or 22 will there be an exception. EnglishQabala.com is yet another free website with an online gematria calculator. If you are not familiar with this gematria then these guidelines can be helpful to get a better understanding of it. You can enter your input there and calculate the gematria. Gematrinator.com is my favorite website on this list to calculate gematria online. This calculator has a collection of over 30 gematria ciphers. You can configure it for the ciphers that you want to use. Apart from that, it also breaks the value character-by-character. This shows you the value of each character in the selected gematria cipher. In gematria, each number also has its own symbolic meaning that can reveal deeper insights into spiritual issues or historical events. According to this system, certain combinations or multiples of numbers have special significance and reveal hidden messages within texts. In gematria, each letter of a word is given a corresponding numerical value. For instance, the first letter “א” (Aleph) is assigned a value of 1, while the last letter “ת” (Tav) has a value of 400. In Hebrew, every word has its own unique calculation based on these values. To use the calculator above, simply enter the word or phrase you want to calculate. The calculator will then calculate and display the English simple gematira value and the English Jewish gematria value. Historically, gematria has been studied by sages and mystics, but this app makes it accessible to anyone. Mystery of Zion is a free Gematria Calculator Apps for both iOS and Android users.

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