Military Time Chart – The only difference is that the 24-hour format adds a leading zero to single-digit numbers. To keep military operations in sync, Zulu time is used. Zulu time (known as Greenwich Mean Time) is the same, everywhere. Each time zone around the world has a letter assigned to the zone. The letter Z identifies the time zone in Greenwich, England. Since military organization could be in several time zones around the world, Zulu time allows for exact timing of any event anywhere in the world. Since there are 24 time zones around the world, Zulu time is universally understood and is used to ensure clear and effective communications anywhere on the planet. Zulu time, also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), is a standardized time that is used as a reference for the world’s time zones. It is based on the time at the Prime Meridian, which is the line of longitude that passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. Zulu time is often used in the military and in aviation, as it allows for clear and precise communication of times across different time zones.

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