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The Precise Time Department (PTD) part of the U.S Naval Observatory has maintained a Time Service Department since 1880. Modern electronic systems like navigation depend heavily on precise time and time interval (PTTI) and work from what we now call the USNO Master clock. Now after completing Step 1 you find the number to be less than 12, we are in the morning. On Military Time, morning starts at 0000 and ends at 1200. This is essentially the same format as the 12 hour clock except you will see leading zeros before the hour digit. Converting from Military time to 12-hour (AM/PM) time is a straight-forward equation with the hour format (HH), and minute format (MM) and a few military notations. We are committed to quality information, infographics, calculators, charts, and guides related to military time. Our team of seasoned copywriters ensures each topic is fully explored with a focus on delivering the answers you need in a timely fashion. Having trouble viewing this military time chart on your mobile device? View a PDF of the military time chart with zones here. Practice converting military time using the following problems. The answers are found in the Answer Key (Math Calculations Chapter section) at the end of the book. Whether telling the time via the direct observation of the stars or some other means, precision is paramount to the military. For the precision required in navigation and the syncing of mission resources of today’s armed forces, everyone must be on the same page. For those who need assistance buying back their time, our buyback service makes the process painless and hassle-free. We simplify a very confusing topic and provide a layout that’s easy to follow and simple to complete. In addition, we’ll stand beside you during the entire process – ready to answer questions or assist whenever you need us. MyFEDBenefits is on a mission to provide Federal Employees with the HR they’ve never had. That’s the experience you can expect any time you speak with us. Military time is standard and leaves no room for error.

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