The Military Time Converter Simple & Easy Conversion

The morning hours are simple enough to understand. This ease continues through midday, which is 1200 (twelve hundred) hours. Military time utilizes a rather special two-digit number to identify each of the twenty-four hours in a day so a.m. If you want more details on how to read and pronoun military time, this guide is made for you. The military adopted the 24-hours timekeeping system when the World War progressed and modified it slightly in terms of pronunciation and presentation. Between 147 and 127 BC, Hipparchus, an astronomer, came up with equinoctial hours, which fixed the length of time regardless of the season. Hours were based on the equinox, and from here, we have a system where night and day time are equal and an hour lasts 60 minutes. Before we jump into why the military uses military time, let’s take a brief look at the history of this timekeeping system. In this article, we will do just that, starting with the answer to “Why does the military use 24 hour time? ” The short answer is simplification and precision. Generally speaking, yes, a solar day has 24 hours. But, a day can last a few minutes longer or shorter than 24 hours because the Earth isn’t a perfect circle. Please enter the time value to convert to military time. Converting to military time involves straightforward addition, which typically takes a short amount of time to master. This is to avoid any confusion between the hours before and after noon. With a system of time based on a 24-hour clock rather than twelve-hour intervals of am and pm, the hour numbers do not repeat. It can be confusing at first for civilians to understand time based on 24-hour intervals rather than a total of twelve repeating am and pm hours. Military Time is a time format using a 24 Hour Time system that eliminates the need for the designations A.M. Military Time is sometimes referred to as 24 Hour Time but this is incorrect. They are similar, but have nuance that can’t be skipped.

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