Military Time Converter: Convert Military Time to Standard Time

The 24-hour clock is the world’s most widely used time format, while military time is only used in some contexts, such as the military and emergency services. Military time can be mistakenly called the 24-hour time.This format will look very similar to Military Time but will have hours and minutes separated by the traditional colon. Neither Military time nor the 24-hour clock uses AM or PM in their displays. If the number is greater, noting the afternoon, subtract 12 and remove “hours”. This will give us the afternoon hour based on a 12h time clock. Then insert the minutes and add PM to identify after midday. This is important because Military Time doesn’t use AM or PM to denote morning or afternoon. Military Time serves a direct purpose in clarifying time of day and time zone without possible confusion of AM or PM. In order to convert the time, we need to distinguish if the number is before or after midday. If the number is smaller than 1200, it’s the morning. Remember, Military Time will always have four digits, including the times early in morning like 7am which would be 0700 Hours. To avoid confusion when discussing times and dates across time zones, the military uses the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a 24-hour time-keeping system, which uses the earth’s prime meridian located near Greenwich, England, as its center. This allows military personnel to converse about a specific time based on the same time zone foundation.

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