Military Time Chart Templates, Free, Download

The illustrations below are examples of military time charts. In order to avoid continual changing of time as one travels east or west standard time zones are introduced. Emergency services such as nursing homes, hospital wards, and intensive care units also use the 24-hour clock but do not refer to it as military time. Military time is a day clock that measures hours to 24 instead of 12 hours like civilian time. The 24-clock is used by militaries, most European countries, and businesses engaged in 24-hour operations, like airlines and railroads. In military time, 0000 or “zero hundred hours” is the correct way to indicate midnight (12 am). That said, you will find that people use both 2400 and 0000 interchangeably. You can always get yourself a simple military time chart, such as the one below, to reference until writing military time becomes second nature for you. The ability to use military time is invaluable even if your profession doesn’t require it, as you are going to come up against the 24-hour format at some point in time. Military time is becoming a more common way to express time as people realize how much clearer it is for making plans. In military time, this is done by using the word “hundred,” followed by “hours.” You never say “thousand,” even for times like 1000 (ten o’clock). The beautiful thing about military time is that it’s both concise and precise.

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