Military Time Converter: Convert Military Time to Standard Time

You can also convert military time to standard time in a few simple steps. The chart below gives you a blueprint you can use to convert military time to standard time, as well as the other way round. If you don’t have access to our calculator, you can also use a military time chart. This chart makes it easy to convert time from one format to the other. With OnTheClock’s military time calculator, you can effortlessly convert to and from the 24-hour clock, helping you stay punctual and organized. The military time presented in this chart uses the time zone letter code affixed to the end of the time. This is simply to denote the time zone in which the time is referenced. The letter corresponds to the first letter of the time zone name. Time Conversion Charts are also used in the same manner. The sample conversion charts that are provided in this article will be able to help you make time conversion easy. Since they are available in PDF format, it is also easier to print them. Use these templates however you want whenever you need them.

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